Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Bright Spot in the Gloom

Yesterday I was feeling really down and that maybe my husband had never loved or that I was a terrible person. My father even suggested today that he did nothing but use me for 12 years. I yelled at him and offered the following as proof that that statement was untrue, though my father ignored the idea of seeing the evidence. I think it was very bad form to say that when he was suppose to be trying to cheer me up, how will that help me feel better? How will that build my self-esteem?

Inside my mind lives a great malignant God.
His voice is a thunderous scream
And his fists pound against the insides of my thoughts
He screams.
He screams for VENGEANCE.
He screams for BLOOD.
He screams for RAGE.
He screams for HATE.
He pounds his fists and stomps his feet
and he calls for my sanity and my life.
He is loud.
He is frightening.
and he is STRONG.


Inside my mind lives a glowing benevolent Goddess.
Her voice is a beautiful rolling tympani
And her influence washes through my thoughts like the smell of Jasmine and
She sings for my HAPPINESS.
She sings for my HEART
She sings for my TRANQUILITY
She sings for my LOVE
She sings her song and weeps for my pain
and she calls for my sanity and my life.
She is quiet.
She is steadfast.
And she is STRONGER.

He has no name
but she does.

Can you guess it?

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