Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Don't Know What's Gotten into Me

I think counseling is good for me. I have gone from never writing to writing something everyday, maybe not on here but I am writing. I am looking within myself as never before, I've avoided doing this since I was a little kid.

A heart closed to all but one
Feelings spoken but not shown
The only one runs away
Sudden loss brings forth despair.

Shattered heart begins to heal
A chance to grow for me alone
Love is still there and never ceases
As I return to my better self.

Taking risks and staying strong
Learning who I am again
Opening the heart to myself and child
Realizing a capacity for many loves.

Hope that feelings that still remain
Gives life to second chances
Even if the chance should falter
Love and strength will abide.

Reseting mind set proves possible
Positive can overcome negative
The right motivation is all that's needed
The self, the child, the future.

Love can fade when taken for granted
It can diminish when in a box too cramped and hostile
It doesn't evaporate into nothingness
It searches for a sunnier and more fertile soil.

Transplant it and give it a chance to take hold again
Add other loves to enrich it and the heart
Love shared is held nearer and dearer
My heart has more dimensions than I ever knew.

I am exploring self
Discovering me
I'm beginning to like who I see
I have a strength that I did not realize.

I am ready to wander through the unexplored
I am ready to leave the pre-made road
Together or alone it will be done.