Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Stockings for 2013

I made two stockings this year, one was commissioned as a Christmas gift, the other was a present to some friends' baby boy.

The commissioned stocking was a gift for the purchaser's girlfriend and a variation on a snowflake stocking I had made as a gift. It is amazing how much changing the background fabric can change the look of a design. It made it to its destination on time and was enjoyed by the recipient.

The second stocking, which was finished a little late for baby's first Christmas, was inspired by this original work of art by Scott Brundage. It was brought to my attention when my spouse used Chtulhu Santa as his profile pic for Christmas a year or so ago. Our friends having the baby are huge H.P. Lovecraft fans, so I knew that this would be a perfect gift for them and their new spawn.

 This stocking is one of the more detailed pieces that I have worked on. To maintain the integrity of the picture, I had to use very small stitches. It worked out to 744 stitches per square inch. The detail is fine enough that my phone would try to tag the little boy's face when I took a picture of it. I think it transferred mediums very well, and I hope Scott doesn't mind the use of the image.