Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas Ornament 2009, Part 2

These are the other ornaments I made for my coworkers, minus one that I forgot to snap a picture of before it was taken home. There is also one I did for a friend's daughter. Some didn't get completed before Christmas due to supplies not coming in time. I guess I need to start in the summer this year.

This one was created for a team member who recently discovered he is diabetic. This is candy that he can have anytime.

This ornament was done for one of my partners in 6th grade social studies, I had made her a very girly ornament before and wanted to do something more fun. This is something that her boys can enjoy as well.

This was created for the science teacher on my team. I'm glad she didn't mind it being a little late.

This one was created for our choir teacher, she is a world traveler. She speaks several languages, including French. She will also be putting up with my kid in choir next year.

This was for our dyslexia specialist. She's another team member, and does a lot for our students.

This one was created for our first year teacher on the team. She put it up in her classroom right away. I'm glad she liked it.
Happy belated holidays to all, I hope you have a great 2010!