Friday, March 16, 2007

A Parent's Nightmare

My daughter, A., got really sick. I took her to the doctor yesterday, he informed me that a trip to the emergency room was necessary. They fast tracked us through the emergency room and we got in fairly quickly, our total time there was only about three and a half hours. A very short time to be in the emergency room, but it felt like an eternity.

The pain in her eyes and the sounds she made when they examined her, it was the most horrible thing I have ever had to see or hear. I tried to be strong and not let her see how much it upset me, but I couldn't help but cry. Watching that really brought home how important she is to me. Why is it that I can't seem to fully realize people's importance to me until there is a crisis?

A. is fine, if a little sore and very exhausted. I'm hoping she'll be completely herself tomorrow. She was able to give several full smiles without prompting last night before we left the emergency room. She did tell me that I was saying "I love you" too much. Not that that is really possible.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Poetry, Sophmore Attempt

My first attempt at poetry got wiped out when I deleted my first personal blog, so for most of you this is my freshman work.

Waiting for a decision.
Anticipating the future.
Anxious to hear,
Aware I shouldn't push.

Hopeful of the news to come.
Joyous at the possibilities.
Eager for it to work,
Aware of the probable complications.

Always honest in matters of heart and mind.
Making choices with thought and emotion.
Looking at all the angles,
The best choice made regardless of popularity.

A Late Review

I know this movie has been out on DVD a while, but I borrowed it from my parents and watched it last night. Miss Congeniality 2, a Sandra Bullock sequel to the hit Miss Congeniality, was enjoyable. It starts off with the FBI offering Ms. Hart a job as the "face of the FBI" after a sting operation at a bank goes wrong because she is recognized by the people. Ms. Hart is upset about her field days being over and then gets the double whammy of her boyfriend breaking up with her.
We then introduce the other half of the team, another woman agent with anger management issues. Hart takes her on to prevent her from being transferred, needless to say, she isn't grateful. You get the fairly standard bickering as with all reluctant buddy movies. William Shattner returns in his role from the first film.

It is a funny and enjoyable movie. It does pull some of the gags and jokes from the first movie, but not overly much. If you need a lighthearted romp with decent chemistry between the cast members I recommend this movie.