Thursday, November 5, 2009

John Dies at the End Review

This book is a dark comedy/horror by David Wong. David Wong is the pseudonym for the head editor of It is another book, among a growing number, that was originally published online and is now gracing the shelves of our favorite bookstores.

The set up is this, David and his best friend are reluctant paranormal investigators. John, the aforementioned best friend and the title's namesake, takes a drug called "soy sauce". When David comes to rescue John from what he believes is a very bad trip, he accidentally takes some of the drug. There are no quotes around accidentally, as it is completely sincere and meant in no way to be sarcastic. The after effects of the drug cause all sorts of problems for both David and John, though not in the ways you might expect.

The style of "John Dies at the End" is very conversational, it feels like a buddy telling you of his drunken adventures. The descriptions are incredibly vivid, without being grotesque. There were sentences in this books that made me laugh and say "oohh, gross" at the exact same time. The descriptions are not intended to get a gross out reaction, but simply provide a clear mental picture. Wong supplies us with several unexpected twists in the tale.

I recommend this for people that like horror, comedy, or are just looking for something a little out of the ordinary. If you are a fan of then you will definitely enjoy this book, but then again if you are a fan of you probably already know about the book.