Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Online Schooling is Better than Traditional Schooling

I have studied in both traditional and online schools, and I have found I greatly prefer online learning. When I started my online masters degree program, I was very concerned about being able to make myself complete the work in a timely fashion, as I'm generally a procrastinator when it comes getting studying done. Would I be able to balance a full-time job and taking care of my family while studying without getting behind in anything?

What I found was that I could make the most of my time while taking classes online. The schedule is much more flexible in online schooling because lectures aren't at a set time. The student can pick the best time to watch the presentation, listen to the material, or read the texts rather than being bound by the teacher's or school's schedule. You have constant access to resources if you need clarification and do not have to wait your turn or fear running out of class time to ask your question.

There is no fear of looking foolish when you ask a question because you can just email the instructor or teacher's aide privately. The classroom discussion boards allow interaction with classmates, the professor, and the teacher's aides while also keeping a running record of the discussion that can be used for later study.  Developing study groups that meet through chat, video conferences, email conversations or collaborative websites provides a educational support network that you can customize to suit your needs and learning style.