Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Reflections of a Mother

Today is the 11th anniversary of my daughter's birth. In some ways it seems like she has always been here and in others as if she only arrived yesterday. She amazes me on pretty much a daily basis. I look back at old pictures of her, and see the same sparkling eyes and precocious grin. Yet, there are so many changes in her as well.

She retains her full-hearted laughter, her quick wit, her advanced vocabulary, her love of music, her strong sense of right and wrong, and her empathy for others. She is also still stubborn, has a tendency to take things too personally, and wants things to be done "just so".

She is transforming in front of my eyes from a child with a pudgy face and belly to a willowy girl. She is still small compared to most of her classmates, but has grown emotionally so much in the last couple of years. She loves science and math, though I know she got her interest in science from both of us, I have no idea where she got the skill or interest in math. There was a time when we feared she would not become an avid reader, but now she reads for fun without prompting. I see her caring side still in how she likes to care for younger children and animals. Though at times she is so enthusiastic about it that we have to rein her in.

She has such a large sense of humor, I don't think there has ever been a day that I have not heard her laugh. Her laughter comes from her belly every time. She would rather have fruit as a snack than candy. She sings daily, even creates her own songs.  She has such high hopes for the future, so many jobs that she would like to try as an adult. At dinner today, she said she wants to be a food critic. Personally, I think it's because she believes it will mean free food. She is always hungry.

Next year, she will enter middle school as a 6th grader. I am both excited and frightened by this. My baby is becoming a young lady, she is moving to a place between childhood and adulthood where things are often complex and confusing. The boys will be coming around soon, guess it's time to teach her to fight.

There is so much that runs through your mind at these minds, it just a bit jumbled, for that I apologize. I look forward to seeing the changes yet to come, and who she will be in adulthood. I am so proud of her.

I love you, baby girl. (Yes, I know you aren't a baby anymore.)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

11th Birthday Cake

My beautiful child has her birthday party on Friday. She originally wanted a girl pirate theme, but we found invitations that looked like carnival ride tickets and she changed her mind. She decided instead she wanted popcorn as her cake. I had seen it in "Hello, Cupcake" and thought it was adorable. However, there was no way to put candles on it safely. So, I decided to create a ticket cake as well. This was my first attempt at carving a cake, it was simple but still challenging in a way. I think it turned out pretty well.