Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Dare Me, a Personal Challenge

I've lived a pretty quiet, sheltered life (not counting economic disasters or a couple of hurricanes). I've also lived largely following the rules or in fear. Fear of disapproval of others, fear of failure, fear of being invisible, fear of being noticed, fear of losing control, and even fear of new foods. I'm tired of hiding, allowing my fears and worries to control me. I'm sick of being timid. The idea of opening this up to strangers online even scares me, that's the main reason I'm doing it.

I am almost 40 and have yet to find my passion in life, that thing that really drives me, that pumps me up to jump into my day with both feet. I know I want to change direction, but I don't know which direction I want to head in, I figure trying new things is a good way to get an idea.
I've thought about this before, and have tried to expand my horizons, go on new adventures but I want to do more.

To achieve this end, I'm asking for the help of the internet. I want to challenge myself to try one new thing or one thing that scares me a month. My plans to do Karaoke is actually part of my desire to try things that scare me or that are new. So I'm asking for suggestions of things to try or do. You can think small too, I'm a terribly picky eater, much to Don's dismay. My only restrictions is that they can't be illegal or harm anyone and it has to be fairly cheap.

I know the stories of many of my friends, it's time I create some of my own. I will be posting the results of the things I try.