Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flabbergasted Two, Electric Boogaloo

Some of you may have read my earlier post entitled, "Flabbergasted." This an update, as best I know, on the situation. This week is the big TAKS testing week, four days of silence for students and teachers. It's hard on all of us, and it's surprisingly exhausting.

I have had the pleasure all year of going to ADAPT on testing days. ADAPT is the alternate placement school at our local high school. It's the step right before juvenile hall in disciplinary action. It's run by Marines and if they act up, they are going to go to jail. I had been wondering what had happened to the young lady from my previous post, as I hadn't seen her there on any of my visits. The first few times, I figured she was in juvenile hall for assaulting a police officer.

This young lady wasn't at juvenile hall. Seems one day that she and a friend of hers decided to take Zanax at school. Her friend took a half a one, and got in trouble. She took one and a half (she's under 100 pounds) and ended up begin rushed to the emergency room. The school had been told she had miscarried and was on medication, so they didn't immediately respond to her symptoms of drug influence. She hasn't been back to school since. She and her boyfriend ran away, he got caught and is now incarcerated. The school has not been able to reach her mom. I'm guessing, only guessing mind you, that the entire family has returned to Louisiana to avoid their legal issues here.

I really wish that my more pessimistic prediction hadn't been the direction this went. :::SIGH:::

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