Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alvin Music Festival

So the husband and I went to a local music festival yesterday, well the last hour and a half anyway. It's organized by a friend of ours from high school as a fund-raiser for the Lions Club. All the bands are local.

Sadly, we just missed our friend's band. But we saw this great little band called "Come See My Dead Person," they were a sort of a heavy metal mariachi band. They used a mandolin and a violin in their songs. The next band was "Since the Ashes", a teeny-bop emo kind of band. They did three covers of a band called Thrice (whoever the hell that is). Quite frankly they sucked.

The last band was "The Black Math Experiment", who I'm already a huge fan of. I saw them there last year. Their music is awesome, good and often funny. The music is still great, and their stage presence has really pulled together over the last year.

Those of you who live in the area, I highly recommend going, a great free way to spend the day with the family and you get to see a lot of local talent.

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