Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman Review

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman is the debut novel of Robin Gregory, I won my copy through Goodreads. Moojie is a historical/mystical fantasy aimed at middle grade readers. I think that the vocabulary may be challenging for many in this age group. This wouldn't be a book to give to reluctant readers.

Moojie is a disabled boy that loses two families and is searching for a place he feels he belongs. He struggles with bullies and to make friends. His quest for a new family focuses on a group that the villagers call the "Hostiles". Periodically, Moojie shows some strange abilities of unknown origins that cause unexpected and miraculous events.

As a debut novel, I think it was good. I found the pacing a bit slow in the beginning and had a hard time getting into the story. The second half of the book went smoother, and quicker, for me. I think the pacing of the book may have been deliberate on the author's part, as the chapter titles were very long and rambling in many cases.

I am a lover of the fantasy genre, but not so much when it comes to the mystical/existential stories. I am not sure if it was the mystical aspects, the pacing, or that I just wasn't in the right mood to love this story.

Happy reading!

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