Monday, December 24, 2012

Not the Christmas Post I Intended

So sweet!
Update 12/26/12, Jester was found and taken to the local vet. He's now safely back with us.

I was very hopeful about this Christmas, it was
going to be small but good. I had planned to write a Christmas blog, but now it will be very different post than I intended.

Yesterday morning changed my plans for my blog and my feelings of Christmas spirit. I was taking our beautiful dog Jester on a morning walk when he slipped his collar. I tracked and followed him for about an hour through the snow and woods (he's a runner and much quicker in the snow than I). I returned to the house when my feet were too hurt and numb to continue and got The Girl up to help me look again.

Just look at that face!
 We followed him through the underbrush for another 40 minutes before completely loosing track of him. Both of us were numb through and through, we had to head home.

Upon arriving home, I called the Sheriff's office to notify them that he was lost so they could contact us if he was found. I signed up for Lost Dogs MN website, after learning of it through a friend. I filled out a form at PetHarbor to have them send his information to all local shelters, vets, etc.
Today, I called our in-town vet to notify them and lucked out that they are the intake location for lost dogs for the three surrounding towns. Any dog found in town is automatically brought to them. I fear him getting hurt or someone keeping him since he's such a pretty and sweet dog.

Jester biting at snowflakes.
According to some of the information I looked up, being that he's young, a pretty good size, and energetic, he could have travel up to five miles in a day. This is the last place we saw him. Please share this far and wide, we miss our baby dog.

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