Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Stockings 2012

 I made two stockings for friend's babies this year. I'll be making at least one more in 2013. They have both been mailed to their recipients as of today. I designed the Snowflake stocking myself, using various snowflake patterns from multiple sources. All of the snowflakes are accented with tiny glass beads. You really can't see the detail in the picture, I guess I need a professional grade camera for that. I hope you enjoy it, Mr. and Mrs. Farmer of PA.

I did not design this one, but it goes with the theme of my other friend's nursery. Monterrey Jack and Mrs. Jack chose a zoo animal theme for their first born. They asked that the stocking reflect that as well. I found this as a a kit. I really enjoyed working on it and watching the cuteness grow with each stitch. They also got another zoo themed surprise. Which I can not divulge here as the package hasn't arrived yet.

I am working on creating stock for an Etsy store I will be opening shortly. Details to follow. In addition to the stocking to be made in 2013, I'll be making a Mockingjay to be put on a jacket for my daughter and a set of Wonder Twin emblems for my sister's soon-to-be twins.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season.

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