Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second Block

I thought I'd show some of my progress on the set of baby blocks I have been working on. I've finished stitching 12 of 26 in the set. I have to stitch the outline, which I'm doing in a heavier thread that changes shades of red along its length. This block has a butterfly on it. The designs that act as the border about the picture and letters are in two separate shades of red. The letters and picture are done in a third shade. A single block can be completed in one day.

Thank you to those folks that helped me find pictures to use. The area is only 1.1" square, and this makes if very difficult to find something that is recognizable as they are all in silhouette. The butterfly wasn't hard, but some of the others were very difficult. In fact, some of the letters you would think would be easy, proved to be the most difficult.

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