Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stripped by Eddie Izzard

Ok, my husband and I have been huge fans of Eddie Izzard for about a decade. So when I got an email from The Bee Keepers, the Eddie Izzard fan club, that he was coming to Houston we were shocked and excited. We ordered our tickets immediately. Most of the acts we want to see go to Dallas/Fort Worth or San Antonio, which are about six hours away. Way too expensive to buy the tickets, pay for gas, and rent a hotel room.

So we went last night, had a very nice dinner at an Italian place in downtown called Mingalone. Then it was on to the show at Jones Hall. The show started about 10 minutes late, which was fine with us. There was a mix up with our tickets, which actually resulted in us getting better seats. We were seven rows away from the stage, center stage.

Now Eddie is a bit out there for many. He's a liberal, British transvestite. Though he was an off-duty transvestite for this show. We were very curious how he would be received in one of the reddest cities in the reddest states in America. Most everyone in the audience was laughing at the beginning of the show. He got cheers and jeers when he said that we should elect Obama. Though he made some jokes, and most of the audience began laughing again. His topic was, kind of, the history of civilian, though he tends to go off on apparently random tangents. I love his tangents, he always manages to bring them back around to wear he started, or gets the audience to "lead" him back. He lost a few of the audience permanently when he did a bit about the Bible, a portion of the audience didn't know who he was.

My husband and I loved the show, we laughed until it hurt. I got a cake or death t-shirt. I've included a lego clip of his cake or death skit below.

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jamina1 said...

We just saw him in Tampa. The show was great! I got the same shirt as you too :)

I'm sad I can't find it online though, as my boyfriend didn't have enough cash to get one, as well.

Glad you had fun :)