Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Foray into Poetry

The Man and the Monster

When the monster reaches the light,
The man is hard to see, but he is there in the shadows.

The monster is anger and frozen hate.
The man is love and compassion.

The monster rages to control the man,
The man keeps the monster in chains.

The monster screams for blood.
The man bleeds at the thought of the monster unleashed.

The monster's bite stings and stabs.
The man's touch heals and strengthens.

The monster wakes, but he also sleeps
The man never rests, unceasingly he fights the monster.

The man has strength that
The monster will never know.

The man has heart which
The monster can never defeat.

Even from the shadows the man refuses
To relinquish the monster's chains.

The man always returns to the light,
The monster to the shadows.

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