Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pet News

Well, today I took our cat, Calypso, to the vet to get her shot updates and get spayed. We had been putting off getting her fixed because of the expense. We couldn't put if off any longer, she has been in heat for three weeks and was driving us crazy. Now she will not be at risk of a ball peen hammer in the head (That may sound cruel, but have you ever had to cope with a cat in heat? It's almost as bad as 30 teenagers in a small room.) Animal Alliance in La Marque came to the rescue with very reasonable rates, under $100 for the shots and the spaying.

She seems to be doing well, we have her in the small bathroom downstairs. We'll really be able to tell once she's allowed to get food and water. She tried to get out when my husband tried to open the door, but won't come near it when I do. I think she might be miffed at me.

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